Friday, December 28, 2012

The Purple Fig Cleaning Company

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to stumble across the Purple Fig booth at my favorite farmers market. I love me some all natural cleaning products (and please don't fool yourself that the stuff you buy at the grocery store is really truly all natural!), so I struck up a conversation with the lovely Amanda, who filled me in on the details of this kick-ass Austin small company. They are a small cleaning company, both commercial and residential, and they focus on getting a deep clean without harsh chemicals. The also make their own (truly) all natural cleaning products, and since I am quite honestly just too determined to be Super Mom to consider a cleaning service (no matter how desperately I need and want that in my life...), I contented myself a bottle of the Eucalyptus Lemon all purpose cleaning spray.

Now, I grew up using vinegar and baking soda and peroxide and orange oil and things like that to do the cleaning. It works. Swear to god it does. Do I have a cleaning caddy full of vinegar and baking soda and peroxide and orange oil? Sadly, no. Hell, I don't even have a cleaning caddy, I just have a disaster area of an under sink zone, (but I swear there are natural products mixed in down there, Mom and Dad!). I'm not going to lie, I expected this stuff to end up swallowed up by the abyss, like so many other not very great natural cleaners have.

This cleaner is NOT abyss material. I freaking love it. I used it to clean my (gross) fridge as soon as I got home, and it rocked. It left this beautiful light clean scent, which is oh man, so much better than the smell of bleach assaulting me every time I open the fridge! It cut through grease without a problem, and the dried on stuff that was no longer identifiable? A two minute soak and it came right off. So I moved to the microwave. Has there ever been a microwave that get regular use that isn't disgusting? I mean really. Talk about dried on gunk. Sprayed it on, let it sit for maybe a minute, wiped clean. Stove top, spotless. And this stuff smells incredible! It doesn't smell like hippies, or an herb garden, or anything like that, it just smells clean. I like the way clean smells, especially when it's in my kitchen.

Amanda did suggest that I not use it on a daily basis on my stone counter top, as the vinegar will over time dull the shine a bit. That's the only caveat I have to offer about this cleaner. I have not gotten my hands on the other Purple Fig products, but I plan to soon.

The Purple Fig is an Austin based small company that provides benefits to their employees (what?! People do that?!). They offer kids classes, where they'll teach the wee ones about the water cycle and the importance of knowing what you're putting down the drain, among other things.  Then there are the adult seminars where they'll talk about what green cleaning means, from the obvious cleaning products and techniques, to plants that help purify the air in your home. They provide cleaning services. They make cleaning products. I think the Purple Fig rocks. Check them out.

Mommy rating: 10

I am in no way affiliated with the Purple Fig company.

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  1. I LOVE Purple Fig! As much as I admire your Super-Mom-ness, when it comes to cleaning my house I will gladly outsource. We've had PF here twice and they really do an amazing job. I'm happy to see them getting some love!